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Puppy - Baby Proofing Your Home

Puppies are just like human babies and they have no idea what is safe and what is not safe.

1. Electrical Dangers

Normally, one of the first things we might do is put those plastic electical plug protectors inside all our unused electrical sockets. Puppies, however, have been known to be more attracted to electrical outlets with these protectors in them versus the electrical outlet being left open and unused. The biggest electrical threat to puppies is cords being within their reach. Even if an item is plugged in, but not turned on the electrical shock your puppy could receive if it manages to bite through a cord could kill or severely harm your puppy. Make sure all cords are out of reach from your puppy at all times.

2. Furniture Danger

Never leave a puppy on a couch, bed or piece of furniture that your puppy is unable to jump up on himself. If your puppy can jump up on the furniture on their own they are strong enough to jump off on their own. Toy breeds especially are prone to injuries more than larger breeds when it comes to jumping up and down off things. I highly recommend a doggy ramp or doggy stairs for furniture items like a human bed or a couch if your dog is going to be allowed to use these pieces of furniture for lounging on regularly. The wear and tear it can save on your dog's leg muscles and joints can be well worth the effort once they reach their geriactric years.

3. Dangers is types of flooring in your home

Many homes today have hard wood floors, tile, vinyl, or even stained concrete flooring. Carpet isn't as durable over time as these other types of flooring. As your puppy matures the hair between their pads will grow quickly and you will need to keep up with a regular clipping schedule to keep your puppy from having difficulty obtaining a good footing with each step they take. I also highly recommend adding rugs that are washable in your washing machine throughout the common areas your puppy will walk through as this will help give them better footing. Bad footing over a prolonged period of time, especially during the growing period for a puppy could have a huge impact on their structural development and cause slipped patellaes which is a commong disorder in toy breeds.. Also try to limit running and playing in your home if you do have flooring that is more slippery for a puppy. The best surface a puppy can run and play on is a enclosed yard with grass. The more a puppy runs and stops abruptly in a house to avoid furniture the more they wear out their little bodies. Outside running where they can run and slow down before stopping is much safer on them structurally. Puppies also tend to dive and roll and the grass is a much safer location for them to do this on.

4. Lanscape Dangers in your yard

If you have bark in your flower beds or in your yard where your puppy has access to it they are going to try and eat it and it could be toxic. Even if you have a type of bark that is not toxic they will want to chew on it and will more than likely ingest enough to make them sick. I advise you to remove all bark in the yard where your puppy is going to play.


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