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Wendell & Cindi Rackler
Oklahoma, USA

Est. 2005

Mayfield Magic Eclipse

* Rainbow Bridge November 2017 *

Mayfield Magic Eclipse


Call Name: Star

Gender: Female

Color: Black & Tan

Weight: 17 pounds

D.O.B.: January 23, 2007

Breeders: Rita Rudkin & Marilyn Mayfield


Star's Photo Gallery

Star at 6 months of age
Rubicube at 16 weeks of age
Rubicube at 7 months of age
Star & Baker


Accomplishments In The Show Ring

Dog Bone

Rubicube showing
October 20, 2007
Rubicube showing
August 3, 2008



"The dog you bring home from the show is the same dog you took -- she didn't get better because she won, and she didn't get worse because she lost!"



October 20, 2007 * Lawton, Oklahoma * 6-12 month puppy class 1st place
Judge: Ms. Arlene A. Czech

August 3, 2008 * JAC'S 11th Annual Fun Match * BB & Group 2nd

Glamour Shots


3rd Generation


BISS AKC CH Harana Ted Baker ("Baker")(CHIC)(Black & Tan Cavalier)
(Lived 12 years)(Heart Clear 6 yrs OFA)


ENG CH Harana Starman
("Bowie")(Black & Tan Cavalier)
(Top Black & Tan in Europe 2003-2005)(Lived 9 years)


Harana Jazzie Jeff
(Ruby Cavalier)(1996-2012 passed 1 month shy of 16th birthday)


ENG CH Harana Nina Simone
("Nina")(Black & Tan Cavalier)
(Born 1997)(Top Veteran in England for several yrs)


Harana Jean Muir
(Black & Tan Cavalier)(Born 1998)(Cruft's BOS Winner)

Harana Calvin Klein
(Black & Tan Cavalier)
(Born 1994)

Harana Jemima
(Ruby Cavalier)(Born 1993)


Mayfield's Ebony Star
(CHIC)("Jenna")(Black & Tan Cavalier)


BIS AKC CH Turretbank Samson ROM ("Samson")(Ruby Cavalier)(Born 1999)(#5 Cavalier 2003 & 2004)
(Award of Merit winner @ Westminster 2007) (Sired 11 CH offspring)(Lived 11 years)


Keyingham Christian ROM
(Blenheim Cavalier)(Born 1995) (Sired 10 CH offspring)

Turretbank Conchita
(Ruby Cavalier)(Born 1995)


AKC CH Mayfield's Stella Star
("Stella")(Tri-Color Cavalier) (Born 1999)(Produced 4 CH offspring)


AKC CH Moorfields Makers Mark
("Ted")(Tri-Color Cavalier)(Born 1997)


AKC CH Redthea Millie Mayfield ROM ("Millie")(Blenheim Cavalier)(Born 1996)(Lived 13 years)(Produced 10 CH offspring)


CHIC Certified

Next Generation

Star gave us four lovely litters.
Rubicube's 1st Litter

1st Litter: 2 girls and 1 boy
AKC GCH Cruisin Minnie Mouse resides with us
AKC CH Mayfield Diva at Crystalridge resides at
Crystalridge Cavaliers in Oklahoma
Marley resides in a companion pet home in Nevada

Sire: BISS AKC CAN CH Campanards Mr Sweden at Vesta ROM (Ruby Cavalier)

Rubicube's 2nd litter

2nd Litter: 2 girls
Cruisin Lucy From Peanuts resides at
SumaCreek Cavaliers in Texas
Wendy resides in a companion pet home
in Missouri

Sire: AKC CH Llefely's Blaze of Glory from Lisgarth (Ruby Cavalier)

Rubicube's 1st Litter

3rd Litter: 5 girls and 2 boys

All the puppies in this litter reside in companion pet homes.

Sire: AKC CH Sheeba Magic Kingdom
(Blenheim Cavalier)

Rubicube's 2nd litter

4th Litter: 5 girls and 2 boys

Cruisin Off To Storeyland resides at
Storeyland Cavaliers in Texas

The remaining puppies in this litter reside in companion pet homes.

Sire: AKC GCH Storeyland Golden Ransom (Ruby Cavalier)

It is safe to say that Star was dominant for throwing ONLY Black & Tan offspring.

New Home in Texas

Star & Mary Catherine

Star resides with her daughter, Mary Catherine from her 4th litter in Fort Worth, Texas.