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Welcome to Cruisin Cavaliers!

My name is Cindi Rackler and we are located in Oklahoma, USA. I am a member of the ACKCSC, CKCSC-USA and the CKCSC of North Texas. I enjoy a lot of volunteer work dealing with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel clubs. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming and never dreamed my profession and love of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels would lead to meaningful volunteer work within several Cavalier King Charles Spaniel clubs. I maintain the CKCSC of North Texas website ( and the Cavaliers of the Midwest website ( along with several other websites including our own. I am also the Points Secretary for CKCSC-USA and update the points on the website ( monthly after each show.

I bought my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel back in 2005 from Reita Swinney of Crystalridge Cavaliers who is now retired from breeding and showing. My first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was a Black & Tan Male named "Cruiser" (2005-2017). He was such a special boy...he became my first AKC Champion, he also earned a title in agility along with a title as a therapy dog. AKC Ch Crystalridge's Cruisin Rackler CGC, TDIA, TGI. Our kennel affix comes from Cruiser's registered Name.


AKC GCH Cruisin Minnie Mouse
AKC CH Cruisin Mickey Mouse

On December 5, 2008 I produced a litter co-bred with Marily Mayfield of Mayfield Cavaliers. Two of the Three offspring went on to gain their AKC Championship title. Our AKC GCH Cruisin Minnie Mouse; "Minnie Mouse" (pictured above) was owner handled through the bred-by class to her AKC Championship title and I continued to owner handler her through her Grand Championship title. Today, Minnie is my constant companion at home. She sleeps with me at night hogging most of the leg room in the bed as she lays cross-wise across the bed right where my legs would normally be.

On September 25, 2013 Minnie produced a black & tan male that also went on to capture his title: AKC INT CH Cruisin Mickey Mouse (pictured on the left).

On August 31, 2015 I produced another litter with "Minnie Mouse". Our ruby boy from this litter went on to gain his AKC title also.

AKC CH Cruisin Mighty Mouse is owned by Marilyn Mayfield and Stella Spradley and he lives in California with Marilyn. He gained his championship title on March 8, 2018.

We also kept Cruisin Lady And De Tramp (Lady) from this litter and you can read more about her on the Our Cavaliers link.

Cruisin Mighty Mouse

For the last 13 years my breeding and showing focus has been with whole color (black & tan and ruby) Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. A mature Black & Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel portrays the most elegant and royal picture in the show ring and those Rubies can stand out with their always-so-happy clownish personalities. Over the last 3 years we have added a Tri Color (Lilo) and Blenheim (Bling) to our family so now we do breed all four colors.

In September of 2017 a new adventure started without me realizing the changes that would come over the next couple of years. My granddaughter began showing our Cavaliers at the CKCSC shows. After a few Cavalier Specialty shows we ventured over into junior handling in the AKC shows. At about our 3rd AKC show we were approached by Alysha Towell who was mentoring juniors in our area at a training facility in Oklahoma City. We began going to weekly practice and the transformation Kylie made launched us into a whole new love for the sport of dog showing.

In January 2018 Alysha gave us Katie, a 13-inch veteran Beagle who already knew the ropes as far as training kids in junior handling since Alysha has 8 kids of her own Katie has been around the block several times training youngsters.

At their very first show pictured on the left they won Best Junior Handler in show and that is where the real ride began!

Pictured on the right, is our first show in 2019 where they once again started out the year with another big win. Kylie and Katie finished out the 2018 as #3 Junior Beagle Team earning 7 Best Juniors, 4 Reserve Best Juniors and 24 class wins in 2018. So far in 2019 thru May results they are currently ranked #1 Junior Beagle Team with 5 Best Juniors, 4 Reserve Best Juniors and 11 class wins and they are ranked #10 in the Junior's Hound Group.

In October 2018 we welcomed into our home a smooth collie puppy named Rihanna. Rihanna came from Wild Wind's Collies in Colorado and was bred by Michelle and Laura Bergstraser and Annessa Towell. Annessa is Alysha's oldest and only daughter and Annessa showed Rihanna's mom Journey (GCHG CH Wild Wind's Don't Stop Believing CD RN NAJ) several years ago when Annessa was still in Junior Handling. Thanks to Alysha we were able to get a very nice puppy from a top breeder for Kylie to raise and train herself.

Pictured on the left, Rihanna is earning her 1st point towards her championship in AKC. Pictured on the left, Rihanna won a group 2 placement in Owner Handler groups.

Our goal in 2019 with Kylie and Rihanna is to rank in the top 10 in Owner Handler series so they can qualify for Nationals in Orlando, FL in December 2019. As of June 7th results posted they are currently ranked in 9th place. Rihanna is just 10 months old, so that is quite an accomplishment for this new team in the works.

June 2019

We are going to give Katie (Beagle) a much needed break for the Summer as she turned 10 years old June 17, 2019. Thanks to our wonderful breeder of Rihanna (Smooth Collie) we were able to borrow a 3 year old Smooth Collie for a the Summer.

Meet CH Wild Wind's Ability Ariel HSAS call name "Ellie"

We will keep track of this new pairing on our Junior Showmanship page.




Also in June 2019 we met a Papillon who was looking for a Junior Handler to continue his Grand Championship title with. Kylie fell head over heals in love with this little fur ball and another pairing was formed. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this new team also.

We will keep track of this new pairing on Chayim's Personal Page.

While our showing and traveling now resides more with Kylie and her smooth collie's, Rihanna & Ellie and her Papillon, Chayim, we are still breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since Cavaliers are the breed I know more about and genetics and pairing dogs for breeding takes years to understand the genetic make up of different lines in each breed.

We also deeply love our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as they are the very best snugglers and their most favorite spot in the house will always be my lap. Kylie's beagle and collie worship her as both beagles and collies have a true love for children over adults.

We hope you will enjoy our website. If you are new to the breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels we hope our website will help educate you about our very affectionate breed. Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have truly been a blessing in our lives and I cannot imagine spending a day without snuggling a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

While you are cruisin through our website be sure and check out our Online Store "Cruisin Goodies" where we sell dog snoods and note cards and we plan to add hair scrunchies and a clothing page for Junior Handling clothes as Kylie outgrows things we will sell them to other juniors as we know just how difficult it is to find appropriate outfits for younger and smaller sized junior handlers.

Now, let's go cruisin through our website....

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