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Cruisin Mighty Mouse

Cruisin Mighty Mouse


Call Name: Mighty Mouse

Gender: Male

Color: Ruby

DOB: August 31, 2015

Co-Owned and resides with
Marilyn Mayfield of Mayfield Cavaliers

Mighty's Photo Gallery

Mighty at 8 weeks of age Mighty at 7 weeks of age
Mighty at 12 weeks of age Mighty at 6 weeks of age

Mighty at 4.5 months of age

Mighty's Accomplishments in the Show Ring

"The dog you bring home from the show is the same dog you took -- he didn't get better because he won, and he didn't get worse because he lost!"

April 8, 2016
April 8, 2016
May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016
May 6, 2016
May 6, 2016
July 22, 2016
July 22, 2016
July 23, 2016
July 23, 2016
September 3, 2016
September 3, 2016

February 26, 2016 * CKCSC Dallas, TX * Junior Puppy * 2nd out of 6
Judge: Mr. David Frederick, Twickenham Cavaliers, USA
Critique: A less mature ruby, this young man was well made and he really strode out - a clean mover, front and rear. He was very correct in outline with lovely angles and a nice reach of neck. This was topped off with a lovely head and soft, expressive eyes. There was a lot to like about this boy. He just needs time to mature and grow up a bit, but time is on his side. I look forward to seeing him again as an adult.

February 28, 2016 * CKCSC Dallas, TX * Junior Puppy * 2nd out of 5
Judge: Marilyn Claydon, Brymardon Cavaliers, UK
Critique: Ruby, shade longer cast, also very promising, lovely head and eye, well set ears which he used well, well boned, good angulation, coat in between at the moment.

April 8, 2016 * CKCSC Chicago, IL * Junior Puppy * 2nd out of 5 & Best Ruby Dog In Show
Judge: Sue Brooks, Moonvale Cavaliers, UK
Critique: 7 month old Ruby. Dark pigment, rich colour. Good length of neck and lay of shoulder. Moved enthusiastically. Best Ruby Dog.

April 9, 2016 * CKCSC Chicago, IL * Spl Lmt Ruby * 2nd
Judge: Robbi Jones, Rutherford Cavaliers, USA
Critique: 7 month old Ruby. Just a baby and cute as can be. Very immature compared to number one. Hocks could be shorter and he was a little high in the rear at the moment. Moved around the ring like he owned it.

April 10, 2016 * CKCSC Chicago, IL * Junior Puppy * 2nd out of 5
Judge: Debbie Kerr, Kinvaar Cavaliers, UK
Critique: Lots to like in the 7 month Ruby lad. He had a lovely rich Ruby jacket and was good for size and balance. He had a soft expressive head with large dark eye, black nose pigment and good fill to foreface. His front and rear assembly were good for angulation. He had a good neck length with correct lay of shoulder and a good bend of stifle, which enabled him to move soundly around the ring.

May 2, 2016 * ACKCSC Nationals Norman, OK * 6-9 month puppy sweeps * 4th place
Judge: Ms. Erica Venier, Orchard Hill Cavaliers, USA

May 6, 2016 * OKC Cavalier Club Specialty Norman, OK * 6-9 month puppy * 1st place
Judge: Mr. Ray Paterson of Cabrook Cavaliers, Australia

July 22, 2016 * CKCSC Indianapolis, IN * Jr Am Bred * 2nd place & Best Ruby Dog In Show
Judge: Katherine Li, Avalcier Cavaliers, UK
Critique: Nice sized ruby clothed with a silky coat, richly colored. Lovely eyes and kind expression. Another that needs maturity. Lost out on lay of shoulder to winner and a little restricted in hind movement. Would benefit with more training but nonetheless a typey exhibit.

July 23, 2016 * CKCSC Indianapolis, IN * Novice * 2nd place & Best Ruby Dog In Show
Judge: Shirley Henry, Shirmont Cavaliers, USA
Critique: Small ruby male with large round eyes and gentlest of expressions. Preferred the rear and movement of #1 today.

September 3, 2016 * CKCSC Denver, CO * Spl Lmt Ruby * 1st place & Best Ruby Dog In Show and Best Ruby In Show; earned 1 point
Judge: Mary Grace Eubank, Pinecrest Cavaliers, USA
Critique: This lovely yougster, barely a year old, stood out immediately holding my attention as he glided smoothly in command of the ring, showing off a level topline and concrete construction. His brilliant rich color silhouetted his super shape and outline. Great reach of neck and well laid shoulders. This is a stellar puppy with good potential in the show ring. Delighted to award Best Ruby Dog and Best Ruby In Show.

September 4, 2016 * CKCSC Denver, CO * Spl Lmt Ruby * 2nd place
Judge: Mandy Attwood, Clentview Cavaliers, UK
Critique: 12 month old boy with rich ruby coat, lovely head with large dark eyes and long ear leathers, slightly longer cast than 1, moved ok.

September 5, 2016 * CKCSC Denver, CO * Spl Lmt Ruby * 2nd place
Judge: Jenny Egan, Melloway Cavaliers, Australia

February 24, 2017 * CKCSC Dallas, TX * Spl Lmt Ruby * 1st place & Best Ruby Dog In Show
Judge: Pauline Sidgwick, Paulian Cavaliers, UK
Critique: A colour that so often takes a long time to become fully mature. This dog is so soundly made, with correct bone for size, good reach of neck set into well laid back shoulders, firm level topline and strong rear quarters, which he uses so well as he moves, showing good reacy and drive, flowing around the ring, keeping a level topline and correct tail set. His masculine head is broad with high set ears, correct shallow stop between dark round eyes, well pigmented with strong tapering muzzle. Just needs time to add the finish of coat and feathering.

February 25, 2017 * CKCSC Dallas, TX * Spl Lmt Ruby * 1st place & Best Ruby Dog In Show
Judge: Anne Eckersley, Chadwick Cavaliers, USA
Critique: Attractive head, full muzzle, big eyes. Richly marked Ruby, on the larger side. Balanced body and moved with reach and drive. Little more coat would finish the picture.

February 26, 2017 * CKCSC Dallas, TX * Spl Lmt Ruby * 1st place & Best Ruby Dog In Show
Judge: Liz McInally, Dalvreck Cavaliers, UK

Chicago 2016
April 8, 2016
Best Ruby Dog In Show
Cavaliers of the Midwest Specialty Show in Chicago, IL

Dog Bone

ACKCSC Sweeps 1
ACKCSC Sweeps 2
May 2, 2016 at the ACKCSC Nationals Puppy Sweeps competition under breeder judge Erica Venier of Orchard Hill Cavaliers, USA. Thanks so much Jason Maret of Jason Maret Photography for capturing these wonderful memories on camera for us to treasure.

Pro Pics

Mighty Mouse at 8 months of age

8 months


3rd Generation


CKCSC CH Darane Hellboy, JW
("Hellboy")(Ruby Cavalier)(Born 2013)
(Major pointed in both AKC & CKCSC) (DE/CC/EF Clear)



AKC CH Turretbank To Sir With Love
"Sidney" (Born 2007)(Black & Tan Cavalier)
(7 yrs Heart Clear OFA)(DE/CC/EF Clear)


Turretbank Isaac
(Blenheim Cavalier)(Born 2006)


Turretbank VaVa Voom

CKCSC CH Darane Billie Jean
"Myrtle" (Born 2010)(Ruby Cavalier)


CH Pascavale Enchanted ROM
(Blenheim Cavalier)(Born 2001-2015)(Top Stud Dog in UK for 3 consecutive yrs)(Current Top Stud Dog in CKCSC & AKC)(Sired 64 CH offspring) (DE/CC/EF Clear)



CKCSC CH Darane Holly Blue
"Blue" (Black & Tan Cavalier)
(Produced 2 CKCSC CH Offspring)
(5 yrs Heart Clear)



AKC GCH Cruisin Minnie Mouse
("Minnie Mouse")(Black & Tan Cavalier) (CHIC)(6 yrs Heart Clear OFA)
(Produced 1 CH offspring)


Click photo for more info


BISS AKC CAN CH Campanards Mr Sweden at Vesta ROM ("Emil")(CHIC)(Ruby Cavalier) (#5 Cavalier 2007 & #1 Wholecolor 2007) (Sired 27 CH offspring)(Heart Clear 8 yrs OFA)(Lived 10yrs & 10 months)


FIN CH Oak's Edward
(Ruby Cavalier)(Born 1996) ("Dani")
(Heart Clear 11 yrs)


NOR CH Campanards Purple Rose (Top Winning Cavalier in Sweden 1999)(Ruby Cavalier)(Born 1996)(Heart clear 8 yrs)


Mayfield Magic Eclipse
("Star")(Black & Tan Cavalier) (CHIC)
(Produced 2 CH offspring)


Click photo for more info

BISS AKC CH Harana Ted Baker ("Baker")(CHIC)(Black & Tan Cavalier)
(Born 2004)(Heart Clear 6 yrs OFA)


Mayfield's Ebony Star
("Jenna")(CHIC)(Black & Tan Cavalier)


Mighty is a DE/CC Carrier * EF Clear

Dog Bone

We want to elaborate on Mighty's sire, Hellboy.

Darane Hellboy JW

CKCSC CH Darane Hellboy JW

Call Name: Hellboy
Gender: Male
Color: Ruby
DOB: March 22, 2013
Owners: Katherine Kates

Awards & Accomplishments

Best Puppy in Show 8-24-2013 Judge Ginger Harrison
Best Puppy in Show 12-6-2013 Judge Ian Sidgwick
2014 3rd top ruby in CKCSC
CKCSC Title earned 2-26-2016
2016 3rd top ruby in Top 20 Gala

Next Generation

1st Litter (Stud Service)
Semen count for this litter 652 Million & 98% Forward Motility

3 Females and 1 Male
Dam: Canyoncrest Lisa Marie owned by Marsue Williams

Litter 1a
Litter 1b

Dog Bone

2nd Litter (Stud Service)
Natural Breeding

1 Female and 1 Male
Dam: Owned by Stella Spradley

More info coming soon!