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Tri Color

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Jet black markings broken up on a pearly white ground, with rich tan markings over the eyes, on the cheeks and on underside of tail.

Pictured here is "Okie" and Okie was my first tri color Cavalier. He lived with us for 2 years and was used at stud once and we have photos below of his daughter we also received in exchange for stud service. Okie is now living in a companion pet home in Texas.

Tri Color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Crystalridges Oklahoma Rackler (18 months)

*** Color Genetics ***

Tri Color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Okie's daughter (6 weeks)

When you breed Tri Color to a Blenheim you can receive both Tri Color or Blenheim.

When you breed Tri Color to Tri Color you will most likely receive all Tri Color unless both parents are Ee:ss, and in this case you can receive both Blenheim or Tri Color


*** Characteristics ***

All experienced breeders know it is very unusual for a breeder to part with a show potential tri color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy because tri color is the hardest color to get a good cosmetically correct and structurally correct Cavalier. The tri color's white blaze must be very broad early on because it will fill in with age and many tri colors loose their blaze entirely by their first birthday if it is not broad enough in the beginning. Tri colors also tend to be heavy on the black in the body and the standard really calls for a white background with black well broken up on the body. Ticking or freckling is another common occurance with tri colors and usually begins to appear during the first year.

Many times it is easier to adopt a tri color as a pet since the cosmetic features are so difficult to obtain breeders will place tri colors more readily.

Tri Color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Okie's daughter (10 weeks)

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