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Dog Food

I believe strongly in feeding my dogs a grain-free diet. Dogs are actually scavengers in the wild eating a wide variety of items. They are also carnivores and the acid in their stomach and the way their bodies are designed they are able to digest raw meat just like their ancestors the wolves. Most dog foods lead you to believe that grain and fiber is good for your canine, but many ingredients found in dog food today contain wheat, corn and/or soy, which are proven to cause allergies.

I have fed a number of different foods like Orijen, Instinct, Taste of the Wild, and Natural Balance to list a few. At this time we are feeding Canidae Sea and Acana Heritage Meat mixed together or Canidae Sea and Acana Heritage Meat mixed together. If you are getting a puppy from us check with us before buying your dog food so we can tell you exactly what your puppy is eating at this time. We do change things up from time to time.

Our puppies and adults get 1/2 cup kibble twice a day. If we see added pounds then we drop back to 1/3 cup at the evening meal for a while. If we see ribs and not enough substance we add an extra 1/4 cup to their morning meal making the morning meal 3/4 cup.

We also feed some RAW and adjust our kibble serving size as needed. When we feed RAW we buy the Instinct RAW patties already prepared at a specialty pet shop. RAW must remain frozen. We thaw a patty each day in the refrigerator, but more care has to be taken to make sure the RAW is prepared properly.

For an afternoon snack and a good way to keep their teeth cleaned naturally I give them baby carrots, broccoli and apples.

Canidae Sea
Acana Heritage Meat
Canidae Lamb

The following link will list items that you DO NOT WANT TO SEE in any ingredients list of dog food you might be feeding:

Ingredients To Avoid

Notes: I always avoid any ingredients that mention the words "Byproduct". Example: Chicken byproduct meal. This ingredient is very questionable as to what part of the chicken was actually used. The "Byproduct" word gives the manufacturer the ability to use parts of the chicken that were not passable for human consumption. "Byproduct" should always be a word that if found in any form in an ingredients list in a dog food you want to avoid feeding that dog food!

Do not give "Greenies" or "Rawhide Chews" of any kind to your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as they can become lodged in the intestines and can become life threatening.

"Bully Sticks are fine, but better put a snood on or you could loose the feathering on an ear. Check out our store as we sell snoods.


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