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Kylie with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

About Us

My name is Cindi Rackler. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems (computer programming).

The first several years of my breeding and exhibiting Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have been filled with wonderful and exciting experiences like breeding my first litter, obtaining my first CHIC certified dog and training/exhibiting my first AKC Champion just to name a few. However, for every triumph I must have experienced at least 5 stressful events and I have to say most people do not realize the emotional impact raising, exhibiting and breeding dogs can have on a breeder. Breeders who survive the test of time and learn to appreciate their triumphs along with overcoming their struggles are definitely a select few and I greatly admire them.

I have met some wonderful people at the dog shows and going to the shows is so much fun when I get to meet up with other breeders who I have become close friends with. Fellowship is truly one the best gifts one can receive with this hobby. I have also been blessed through the friendships I have gained from the families that have purchased my puppies over the years. Warm fuzzies always fill my heart when I get an email with an updated photo or video.

Cindi Rackler and AKC CH Cruisin Minnie Mouse

Thanks to my computer programming degree I have been able to produce and maintain our own website along with several other websites. If you would like to learn more about the websites I maintain please click the following link.

Website Development and Management..

Wendell & Jayden

My husband, Wendell and I have been married for eleven wonderful years. Wendell is employed with GoodYear as a Maintenance Technician and is in charge of keeping the highly computerized machines up and running at all times. He has been employed with GoodYear for over eighteen years. Wendell holds a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice.

Wendell enjoys breeding cattle. He buys embrios and has them implanted to produce show steers and heffers.

Wendell & first calf

Back In 1985 I became the proud mother of a bouncy little girl. Sadly, 18 months after she was born her father and I divorced and I became a single parent. I had very little skills, so finding a good job was difficult. I began going to college and was able to get a couple of years under my belt. I found an outlet taking my daughter roller skating. Back in high school I was a roller speed skater, so I knew the owners of the local skating rink very well. My daughter began skating at 5 years of age and by 7 years she placed 2nd at Regionals in roller figure skating and went on to place 7th Nationally. Our coach urged us to switch to ice skating, so in 1993 we began a life that would soon consume all our time for the next 8 years. We moved to Lake Arrowhead, CA and trained along side Michelle Kwan...a couple years later we relocated to Newark, Delaware under Tara Lipinski's former coach. Daily training consisted of getting to the rink before the sun came up and leaving the rink at the end of the day after the sun went down. Home schooling was the only way to fit all the required training time in. Luckily, I loved to sew and quickly found I could make a very nice income creating skating costumes. I also have a wonderful father who also had a dream of seeing his granddaughter become an Olympic Champion and he supported the majority of the financial needs of my daughter's skating.

Our dream came to an end after Tara Lipinski won her Olympic title and the skating federation changed the minimum age to attend Worlds or the Olympics to 15 years of age by July 1st and we missed the cutoff for the 2002 Olympics by 64 days. This meant we had to wait until 2006 and Brittany's body most likely would not have held up to the pounding of the jumps and falls she experienced on a daily basis. We decided to walk away from the skating world, but I still cherish the memories. I think what I learned from skating through the technique of holding your body a specific way for each jump has helped me to understand structural aspects in dogs as well. Balance is very important in figure skating and balance is also very important in dogs. There is good balance and their is bad balance...good balance will hold up over time and stay consistent...bad balance will not! The following are a few cherished programs:

The following are a few cherished programs:

1994 at age 9: Sound of Music; SouthWestern Regionals placed 2nd

Dog Bone 

1995 at age 9: No Business Like Show Business; New program for the new year placed 2nd

Dog Bone 

1997 at age 12: Beauty and the Beast; Atlantic Regionals placed 4th

Dog Bone 

1998 at age 13: RiverDance; Competition in Colorado Springs (Short Program)
Double Axel in combination with Double Toe (two footed landing)
Note: The Double Axel is actually the first triple jump; an axel is 1 1/2 rotations

Dog Bone 

1998 at age 13: Mulan; Competition in Colorado (Long Program)
Landed Double Axel

Brittany is all grown up now and has three children of her own. She is happily married to CJ Douglas who has two young boys of his own.

Brittany has joined me with Cruisin Cavaliers and she holds down the fort whenever I am away at a dog show. Some of our Cavaliers live with her at her house which gives our Cavaliers more individualized attention.

Brittany also enjoys crocheting and makes a lot of cute outfits for babies and young children. For more information please visit her store page on Facebook:

Brittany & Jayden

Our Grandkids

Kylie wearing a dress made by Brittany & Jayden.

Brittany and her family

On the left: Brittany with her husband CJ, Kylie and Jayden in the front and CJ's boys Frank and Mason in the back.

On the right is our newest grandbaby...Zane!



Our son, Addison who served our country in the United States Marine Corp.

Addison is now attending college in Lawton, Oklahoma using his benefits from his military service.
Kylie playing with puppies